Short Films

Short Films

Short Films
  • The Candlemaker

    A candlemaker entrusts his young son with the task of making candles for their church on Christmas Eve.


    Two parents who have just buried their four year old son Tim. Jenna contacts the Dollmaker, a crusty character who specializes in making dolls of deceased loved ones crude imitations that appear to come to life when touched; bringing them back to their grieving family’s arms... if only for a litt...

  • Pot Luck

    Pot Luck documents the belief hat medicinal cannabis truly helps patience with varying medical conditions. It documents the physicians, attorneys and politicians as they speak their positions on the possibilities that medicinal cannabis is far safer than opioids or other drugs used as a means of...

  • The History of Gaming 12

    Can we ever go back to text games?

  • The History of Gaming 11

    Where is the future of games in terms of immersion.

  • The History of Gaming 7

    For the first time ever, other players from 40 years ago talk about Mud1

  • The History of Gaming 10

    Gaming Professors talk about how text gaming works.

  • The History of Gaming 9

    This animation was created using the tools for the time. It shows us just how far we've come. This method of animation opened the gateway to the world we know today.

  • The History of Gaming 8

    What does gaming mean to us? How many people who made gaming history are living totally different lives.

  • The History of Gaming 6

    How do gamers game? How do gamers react to games and create fan culture. Watch this episode and find out!

  • The History of Gaming 13

    How did MUD1 change the world of online gaming? It not only changed it, it created the online world of gaming.

  • The History of Gaming 5

    Every single element of modern video game culture was invented by MUD1 40 years ago including competitive gaming

  • The History of Gaming 4

    How can we make virtual worlds? Richard Bartle and Mud1 are dedicated to understanding that.

  • The History of Gaming 3

    Richard Bartle has created a whole genre of video game analysis. Start to learn what that is in this episode.

  • The History of Gaming 2

    Richard Bartle and Mike Fallek talk about the start of MUD1 in depth.

  • The History Of Gaming 1

    Episode 1: MUD1 what was it? The first online game and so much more.


    Filmmaker Cheryl Furjanic chronicles the complex life of Olympic champion Greg Louganis as he re-emerges to return to the diving world and act as a mentor to up-and-coming athletes.

  • Expiration Date

    The Authoritarians have taken control of the world due to the denial and ignorance of modern day man. They have set a precedence of controlling the population growth and impending shortage of food. On your last day you must choose how you would like to serve man.