Welcome to the World of the Motorcycle Events! This underground enigma of two wheeler gatherings where Fun, Recreation, Friendship, and Music culminate on a cultural level Like No Other.

Whether it be Old bikers, New bikers, Celebrity bikers and the unknown Die Hard biker, they all come together to enjoy Who They Are and Why They Are! ...from the Love Ride in California, the Laughlin River Run in Nevada, Hollister, Sturgis, all the way to the Daytona Run in Florida, bikers from across the United States show Why They Love To Ride and Live To Ride!

Like a finely tuned engine to a roaring V-Twin, The Biker Movie debuts as a 4 Hour Directors Cut Documentary of the Motorcycle Riders in the Harley-Davidson and Custom Chopper genre. This is a Film Like No Other ...a one of a kind exciting and informative documentary that ALSO finally gives the recognition of the fun and charitable motorcycle events that spanned the United States for many years.

Many of these events raised funds for countless charities that helped people in dire need. This documentary reveals the inside makings, the generosity, and the ingenuity of this motorcycle riding culture that supports these Motorcycle Events... all for the love of riding, their love for each other, and beyond..

Through his eyes and experience as a photographer and journalist for the motorcycle event magazines, director Pete Alva makes his past magazine articles come to life on the screen with his spectacular film footage and still pictures acquired over the span of 15 years!

The Biker Movie...A Film Like No Other.
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