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    BFFs move from LA to Palm Springs. Little did they know that Palm Springs is a happening city.

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    A dutiful assistant who dreams of being the theater’s next star, struggles to wrangle a flamboyant cast for a closing performance of "Las Amargas Lagrimas de Petra von Kant,” their adaptation of Fassbinder’s text. Along the way she learns that what she thought would bring her closer to her big br...


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    Out of work butch lesbian actor, Jamie Klein, will try almost anything to get a role. When she finally lands a role as a man in a film, she peaks the interest of a straight woman, but is unable to reveal her true identity at the risk of losing her job.

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    Lima. Alejandro, eccentric smooth talker, and Gabriel, melancholic poet, are both in their twenties. Today, they are planning on experiencing something new. But things will take an unexpected turn...

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    Eden, a 30-year-old Belgian woman, works in a cultural center a few thousand kilometers away from her home, in the bustling capital of Cairo. She makes a life-changing encounter with a young woman named Shams. One day, Shams brutally disappears. With the support and friendship of two valiant youn...


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    In the dawn of the Cold War, a young Soviet telegraphist makes a desperate attempt to save her American lover from being stranded in the Russian side of the Bering Strait after receiving a border closure message.

  • S & M SALLY

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    A charming comedy about "taboo" topics,
    lesbian couple Jamie and Jill explore the
    world of BDSM while their friends David and
    Lola compete to see who's cool enough to
    go through with a threesome.

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    Shibari: an erotic art consisting of restraining someone by using thin ropes.

    Journalist Chloe flies to Tokyo to interview Claire who's on a modeling shoot in Tokyo. The two grow attracted to each other and decide to explore the art and push their creative boundaries.


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    In a world where most of the population is gay, children who exhibit "straight" tendencies are sent to camps in order to convert them back to their natural homosexual lifestyle. Drawing upon real documentaries about straight-conversion therapy such as “Jesus Camp”, this “promotional video” is a b...

  • GURL
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    Drag Queen Carmen “Gurl” finally accepts her true-self when she falls in love with a fading rugby star on an ill-fated night in New Zealand 1975.

    Winner of 7 Global Awards! Winner- Best Director & Actor, Original Soundtrack and Best LGBTQ Film, it'll add to your down time during Pride Month! T...


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    Welcome to Penskeegee's 25th Annual POP-U-larity singing contest is joined by celebrity host Marcellas Reynolds from hit show Big Brother. Four time diva champion is joined by her loyal gay assistant Sebastian, Charlene Hornsby and her musical therapist Celeste who embark on this comedic on their...


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    Two girls wake up in the same bed without recognizing each other. The events of last night reveal that they really don’t even know themselves?


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    In a cozy bistro, an increasingly heated discussion between two good buddies reveals their latent sexual prejudices, as one admits to feeling finally set free by a book he has just read, and the other mistakenly assumes that he is coming out of the closet!


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    Leo had never imagined he would see his father kissing another man in the middle of a party – until this happened. Now, with the help of Carol, his best friend, he has to find the most perfect way to tell his Dad the found out about his secret.

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    Jesse, a mixed-race transgender teen, arrives from Switzerland for a cross-country road trip with her estranged father Marcus. His struggle to understand his daughter and Jesse’s deep desire to be understood, accepted and loved by him, leads the two to strike a weighty deal, one with serious repe...

  • 1/3
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    A Mother discovers her daughter is a lesbian when she surprises them when she comes home early. Such behavior is unacceptable in a seaside Russian city.

  • DOST (Dust)

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    Alko, a youngster living in the Dutch countryside, is occupied with carbide-shooting and his changing body. While he and his best friend Björn are struggling with their emerging sexuality, the villagers suspect Alko of being gay. This troubles him so much that he makes a decision he will learn to...


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    A young girl who is fascinated by unicorns comes into conflict with her parents and her catholic school when she demands that her confirmation sponsor be her aunt, who is a transgender woman.


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    Two young men find themselves lost in a moment of passion on the dance floor. As they wander into the street, they come across a fortune-teller who kindly offers them a free reading of their future …This brief encounter soon leads the young man on an unexpected path revealing his innermost desire…


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    What do you do when the one that got away switches teams? As a newly self-proclaimed "Ex-Lesbian" Jill hunts down her ex-girlfriend Jamie to prove to herself that she is no longer attracted to her, by any means necessary.


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    A young woman struggles with her need to belong and to be in love. What she once considers to be a burden of emotion proves to be a positive and enlightening quality.

  • The United States vs. The Private Sector

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    Something unprecedented is about to happen. The United States of America, led by gutsy Senator Sommers is suiing their very own citizens for excessively complaining about being in this country. She has hired famed powerhouse Attorneys Victoria Victory and Samantha Suings to lead the charge. The G...


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    TranHeist is a fun crime drama about Morgan, a transsexual woman in pre-operation, who steals money from her best friends drug dealing boyfriend, to fund her gender confirmation surgery.

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    The day before the birth of her first child, Pia a young woman, during a romantic weekend with her girlfriend Raphaëlle, will see her life turned upside down by the meeting of a young transgender child, Nate, just landed from Texas with his father.


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    June 1944. A group of seven Dutch resistance fighters receive an important mission to help the allied advance into occupied Europe. The mission goes wrong and they are starting to suspect that there is a traitor in their midst.


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    A young filmmaker returns to Beijing to make a documentary. Along the way, he discovers his feelings for his soon to be lover. What set out to be a documentary turns out to be a life discovery of who he is and his preferences of partners.


    In the idyllic city of Boise, nurses, nail technicians, and stay-at-home mothers are choosing to become paid surrogates for people from around the world. Made in Boise offers a rare glimpse into this mysterious world by intimately following the lives of four surrogates, as they build relationship...


    BECOMING LESLIE chronicles life on the streets as seen through the eyes of a cross-dressing, homeless man named Leslie Cochran, one of the most beloved yet polarizing cult figures of Austin, Texas. Told with unapologetic humor, Leslie's bizarre meteoric rise to iconic status is starkly contrasted...


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    Brian (Brian Sheppard) crashes and burns with each guy he meets, but does not understand why. Jim (Zack Ryan) is not afraid to break hearts – except when it comes to his forty-something lover, a renowned sculptor. It seems Drew (Colman Domingo, Fear the Walking Dead, Birth of a Nation) is more fo...


    Howard Taylor, brother of actress Elizabeth, bails out a rag-tag band of young Mainlanders jailed for vagrancy and invites them to live on his oceanfront land. Soon, waves of hippies, surfers, and troubled Vietnam vets find their way to this clothing-optional, pot-friendly, tree house village at ...


    A human invited to live in the company of AI struggles between divided loyalties


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    Two parents who have just buried their four year old son Tim. Jenna contacts the Dollmaker, a crusty character who specializes in making dolls of deceased loved ones crude imitations that appear to come to life when touched; bringing them back to their grieving family’s arms... if only for a litt...


    43-year-old Maleonn is one of China’s most influential conceptual artists today. His father, Ma Ke, was the artistic director of the Shanghai Chinese Opera Theater. After being humiliated and forbidden from working for a decade during the Cultural Revolution, Ma Ke immersed himself in theater.


    An original pop musical, six commuters get stuck on a New York City subway. Through the power of music, they connect across lines of race, culture, and class in an unexpected and impactful way that will change their lives forever.