• The Candlemaker

    A candlemaker entrusts his young son with the task of making candles for their church on Christmas Eve.

  • Contradict

    Two friends collect money for impoverished Americans in the streets of Accra. Is this a bit of fun, political provocation, or perhaps a prophecy? What do global developments and shifts in values look like from the ground up in Ghana? How can one face and contradict them? Can new visions for the f...

  • Riding Hard Livin' Free

  • Brown Evil

    A squabbling couple attempts to potty-train their apprehensive son, however his squeamish behavior proves to be a legitimate concern.

  • Pot Luck

    Pot Luck documents the belief hat medicinal cannabis truly helps patience with varying medical conditions. It documents the physicians, attorneys and politicians as they speak their positions on the possibilities that medicinal cannabis is far safer than opioids or other drugs used as a means of...

  • The History Of Gaming

    1 season

    Richard Battle and a group of his colleagues create the first online game called MUD1. All games from that moment are, in one way or another, based on MUD1 and the technical development of the gaming industry.

  • Kings and Queens

    Drag Queens aren't the only performers in the LGBTQ+ community! We follow a troop of Drag Kings on the Gulf coast of Florida and document their mean, methods and performances.