• Man In The Red Bandana

    'Man In Red Bandana" is a true story that depicts an inspirational story of a true American hero, Welles Remy Crowther, who died selflessly on that chilling September 11th day guiding strangers from the 104th floor of the World Trade Center in the South Tower to safety. Eight months after his tra...

  • Arnie Johnstone & The Vulva Tree

    A family man objects to the presence of an obscene tree in his upstanding neighborhood. Regardless of his attempts to disguise it he is ultimately driven to become destructive!

  • Brown Evil

    A squabbling couple attempts to potty-train their apprehensive son, however his squeamish behavior proves to be a legitimate concern.

  • The History Of Gaming

    1 season

    Richard Battle and a group of his colleagues create the first online game called MUD1. All games from that moment are, in one way or another, based on MUD1 and the technical development of the gaming industry.

  • The Dollmaker

    Two parents who have just buried their four year old son Tim. Jenna contacts the Dollmaker, a crusty character who specializes in making dolls of deceased loved ones crude imitations that appear to come to life when touched; bringing them back to their grieving family’s arms... if only for a litt...

  • A Blues Story: Babe's and Ricky's Inn

    For the last 54 years, Babe's and Ricky's Inn has harbored nothing but the greatest live blues music in Los Angeles from across the country and beyond. Chronicle the last days of one of the most unique and vibrant blues clubs in the world.

  • LA Riot Spectacular

    L.A. Riot Spectacular is an equal opportunity offender, is a surreal, funny, and provocative view of the participants and psychology that fueled the epochal 1992 events.

  • Heterosexual Jill

    Unable to make progress with her ex-lesbian conversion path, a neurotic "All American" Jill tracks down her butch ex-girlfriend Jamie to prove to herself that she is no longer attracted to her. Strung along by guilt and desire, Jamie agrees to the preposterous plan of "dating" Jill so that Jill c...

  • Our Time Machine

    43-year-old Maleonn is one of China’s most influential conceptual artists today. His father, Ma Ke, was the artistic director of the Shanghai Chinese Opera Theater. After being humiliated and forbidden from working for a decade during the Cultural Revolution, Ma Ke immersed himself in theater.

  • Very Senior

    They come to die, but leave it having lived! In Sun City, a retirement community in the Arizona desert, a compelling cast of senior citizens share their many truths about the process of aging, their excitement, fear, joy and pain. Shimmering like a verdant mirage, the custom-built municipality of...

  • Last-Laugh

    World famous comedians including Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman, and Gilbert Gottfried pitch in with their own views on the boundaries of comedy.

  • BackO-Board: Greg Luganis

    Filmmaker Cheryl Furjanic chronicles the complex life of Olympic champion Greg Louganis as he re-emerges to return to the diving world and act as a mentor to up-and-coming athletes.

  • Contradict

    Two friends collect money for impoverished Americans in the streets of Accra. Is this a bit of fun, political provocation, or perhaps a prophecy? What do global developments and shifts in values look like from the ground up in Ghana? How can one face and contradict them? Can new visions for the f...