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  • LGBTQ+ Film Festival

    1 season

    Film Highway is celebrating Gay Pride 2022! One Ticket Purchase allows you to watch all LGBTQ+ films during the month of June.

    Titles include Features and Short Films that will make you laugh out loud, hang on the edge of your seat, cry and celebrate being a part of the LGBTQ+ community!
    All ti...


    And out of work actor discovers he's wildly famous in Serbia for two decades. He has become a symbol for free and protests and dubbed "Slaughtermania" by the national press.


    A look at the revitalization of one of Sarasota's historic buildings, their courthouse. Take a journey on the restoration project of such an enormous endeavor and enjoy the Original Splendor of Sarasota, it's architecture and it's love for the history of the town.

  • Pot Luck

    Pot Luck documents the belief hat medicinal cannabis truly helps patience with varying medical conditions. It documents the physicians, attorneys and politicians as they speak their positions on the possibilities that medicinal cannabis is far safer than opioids or other drugs used as a means of...