• Arnie Johnstone & The Vulva Tree

    A family man objects to the presence of an obscene tree in his upstanding neighborhood. Regardless of his attempts to disguise it he is ultimately driven to become destructive!

  • Lucky Number

    An aspiring young sportscaster's life is on a loosing streak, until he serendipitously gets the old cell number of a major basketball superstar nicknamed “The Saint”, and starts using it to get VIP access to A-List parties and clubs. He’s living the good life… until his idol finds out.

  • LA Riot Spectacular

    L.A. Riot Spectacular is an equal opportunity offender, is a surreal, funny, and provocative view of the participants and psychology that fueled the epochal 1992 events.

  • Very Senior

    They come to die, but leave it having lived! In Sun City, a retirement community in the Arizona desert, a compelling cast of senior citizens share their many truths about the process of aging, their excitement, fear, joy and pain. Shimmering like a verdant mirage, the custom-built municipality of...