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    Unable to make progress with her ex-lesbian
    conversion path, a neurotic "All American"
    Jill tracks down her butch ex-girlfriend Jamie
    to prove to herself that she is no longer attracted to her. Strung along by guilt and desire, Jamie agrees to the preposterous plan of "dating" Jill so that Jill c...

  • Margaret Cho: PSYCHO

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    Comedian Margaret Cho performs in front of a live audience in this provocative and hilarious comedy special event, tackling off-limits issues from Boko Haram to female empowerment with her razor sharp insight and wit.


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    Twenty-something New Yorker Barb Schwartz somehow ended up in a life that kinda... sucks. When she is reunited with her childhood BFF, ballet dancer Billy, she is inspired to turn her life around by revisiting her first love: comedy.

  • The United States vs. The Private Sector

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    Something unprecedented is about to happen. The United States of America, led by gutsy Senator Sommers is suiing their very own citizens for excessively complaining about being in this country. She has hired famed powerhouse Attorneys Victoria Victory and Samantha Suings to lead the charge. The G...